Friday, January 28, 2011

My hero...

My mother has always been my personal hero. A woman with strength and intelligence, she is both my inspiration and my confidant. She is also the person who first sparked my interest in photography.

Growing up with 5 brothers and sisters, my mother was quite the shutterbug as she documented countless family moments with her Canon. I dreamed of the day I could take photos as well as she could. She taught me composition and perspective and encouraged me to fully pursue my passion for photography.

This past fall, I flew home to both run my first marathon and take some photos of the beautiful fall colors in Grand Ledge, the small town just outside of Lansing where I went to high school. My mom and I spent the afternoon on a photography field trip taking photos at the Ledges.  It was such a great time spent with her. Below are a few of the photos she took of me out on our photo excursion.

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