Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Faking the Tilt-Shift Photo Effect.

When did tilt-shift lenses become the new fisheye?
Apparently all of the cool kids out there have ditched their novelty fisheyes for them fancy schmancy tilt-shift lenses that make people and places look like scaled-down miniature models.
    Sure tilt-shift photography looks interesting,but I had no desire to plop down a cool $1,000 for a Canon tilt-shift lens, or even $200 for a Lensbaby Composer.
    A few months ago, my roommate, Elissa showed me a blog with instructions for a DIY tilt-shift converter for a standard lens, which could be constructed for about $10. Yippee Skippy! But, oh wait, the instructions call for a drill bit and a trip to the hardware store...womp, womp. And as I'm all about instant gratification, this did not sound appealing. (Somewhere the world's smallest violin plays just for me.)
    Luckily, this being the digital age, tilt-shift photography can also be faked in Photoshop, though I'm sure the results aren't as spectacular. But if you're feeling super lazy like I was today during my lunch break, there's this little gem: of a site: http://tiltshiftmaker.com/  Just upload an image and in seconds, it fakes the tiltshift-effect for you.
Presto! Laziness once again prevails!
It's not as precise as Photoshop, but it gets the job done.
Here are just a few images I tried out:

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